Since 1998 Stuart has given lectures on a variety of subjects to bird clubs, conservation organisations, community groups and at the British Birdwatching Fair at Rutland Water. See the list opposite for further details.

Stuart also delivers a programme of lectures on nature photography for the Society of Biology. Aimed at those whose work involves photography or for people who have a passing interest and wish to develop their existing skills, the course content typically focuses on the following areas:

For Bird Clubs, community groups and conservation organisations, current lecture titles include those shown on the right of this page. If you wish to book Stuart to give a lecture at your club society please use the contact tab on the home page.


Lecture titles include:


  • The Birds of Cambridgeshire 
  • Eastern Poland
  • Portugal - winter sun in The Algarve
  • Birding Belarus - the best of Eastern Europe 

South America

  • Amazing Colombia 
  • Bravo Brazil 
  • Trinidad & Tobago - tropical paradise
  • Birding in Cuba - Caribbean Magic!
  • St Lucia - Islands in the sun
  • Peru - Torrents and Incas


  • Birding Morocco - Sahara to the Atlantic Coast
  • Birding The Gambia - From Banjul to Basse
  • South Africa - Kalahari to The Cape
  • Cameroon - whistle stop tour!

North America

  • The Chicken Run - Birding in Colorado 
  • Spring in Texas - Spectacular spring migration
  • Birding Manitoba - Birds and mammals


  • Birding Northern Thailand  
  • Japan in winter - In search of Steller's
  • Sri Lanka - On the trail of Serendib


  • Australia - Birding Queensland
  • Papua New Guinea - In Attenborough's Footsteps!