Black-throated Diver, Oxon: May 2015

Lucky in that one of my medium-term projects is located nearby, I called in to Farmoor Reservoir before this evening's Barn Owl survey. This superb adult Black-throated Diver has now been present for around 4 days and this evening it showed well, actually very well indeed - at times down to 40 feet!

The intricate pin-striped neck and throat are just so beautifully smooth, they appear almost velvet-like. To see such a cracking bird at close range was a great privelige despite earlier reports it appeared unwell, so lets hope it soon carries on its northward journey to Scotland or Scandinavia.

Enjoy the pics!


Summer plumage is an intricate mix of stripes and spots.

The necklace is a band of narrow evenly spaced white spots.

Here it is shown preening, the crown is a subtle pearly grey...

and here side-on, having a good old shake!

Sample from Black-throated Diver, Oxon: May 2015